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Dr. Krystal Short is a Registered Chiropractor and Registered Nurse. Krystal originally trained as a Registered Nurse and worked in Research Nursing and Hospice/Elder Care. She continues to maintain her practice as a Registered Nurse on a casual basis working in hospice and residential care. She however focuses her time now working as a Registered Chiropractor and running Krystallos Health Care Ltd. This is very much her passion and she enjoys being available and of service to the people and community of the Northern Canterbury region supporting and helping the community with their health care needs.

Krystal has been under chiropractic care since a young age however became convinced chiropractic was a suitable career path when she experienced a patch of ill health and found chiropractic was the best and most effective in her health care recovery. Since her time working as a chiropractor she is now equally impressed and privileged to be able to support others obtain and receive similar results. This is something that still surprises and inspires her each day as she works in practice blending the art and science of chiropractic.

Given Krystal’s background in nursing and chiropractic she seeks to offer health care that reflects the knowledge of these two backgrounds. It is a healthy balance, which enables her to provide a service that works collaboratively and effectively with the wider health care system. In this capacity Krystal has developed the skills to advocate effectively and professionally on behalf of her clients needs within the wider health care system. Krystal feels it is important that health professionals work together for the benefit and care of the client concerned. Due to this she has begun to establish relationships with other practising professionals in the region. She is open to liaison and supporting patients/clients with whichever health care choices they make in relation to their health.

She believes clients have the right to choose and be supported in their choices for their health care and have professionals working collaboratively and professionally together.

Due to Krystal’s vast background in health care this has enabled her to attend to a diversity of people from the elderly to new born’s; from acute cases to chronic conditions. She views chiropractic as fundamental to the role as a Primary Health Care Practitioner in the community and therefore sees it vital having the skills to attend to a myriad of cases, which lies at the heart of the services provided at Krystallos Health Care Ltd.

Krystal values and remains enthusiastic about continued professional education and as well as working as a health professional enjoys an interest in Research. This originated when she worked as a Research Nurse in Phase One Clinical Trials. However since then has worked on other studies and has completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Science where she was awarded with ‘Distinction’.

Krystal extends her warmth and joy at the privilege to be of service to the community and people of Northern Canterbury and surrounding areas.